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I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland.  I have become a fairly well-known performer on the Glasgow open mic circuit over the last eight or so years.  Initially I only sang covers, with a leaning towards Americana and the folk-ballad tradition. I began writing around 2014, inspired by some friends and especially by the folks down at the excellent Acoustic Night at Nice'n'Sleazy's (where I earned the moniker 'Twelve String Jim' from Gerry Lyons).


I sometimes perform covers as part of EmmaJim with Emmanuelle Gabarda .


I was pleased to earn a spot on the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections 2021. Although there was no actual open stage or live audience because of the pandemic lockdown, the performance was broadcast on Celtic Music Radio (26 January).

My original songs, and some covers, are on SoundCloud at but you can go direct to

My Bandcamp page is at


My Facebook page, Jim McGrath-Music, is at

My YouTube video channel, Jim McGrath-Music, is at

You can find me on Spotify at

20160219 009 Breedlove 12 string
20160219 017 Rickenbacker 12 string
20160219 029 Rickenbacker 12 string
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